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Laws, Regulations, and Rules

LISTSERVS (Discussion Groups)

    There are several ABANET listservs and other listservs on the Internet of interest to Section members:

    The Probate Division of the Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section of the American Bar Association first opened its own Internet listserv, called "ABA-PTL" (stands for Probate & Trust Law) on July 31, 1995 at USA.NET. This list, which now has more than 1345 subscribers, is intended primarily for the use of Section members and related professionals so they can discuss estate planning and administration issues by e-mail. In May of 1997, this list moved to the server host at HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM. On July 1, 2000 this list moved to its new permanent server host at the ABA's called MAIL.ABANET.ORG.

    To subscribe to this list, go to the List's "join or leave" page or, you can send an e-mail message to Do not put anything on the Subject line unless you have to (i.e., AOL users). In the message part simply put the text:

    subscribe aba-ptl (Your Real Name)

    After being notified to do so and confirming your subscription, you will receive an e-mail message from telling you that you have successfully subscribed, welcoming you to the listserv, and giving you some essential information about it. The first thing you should do is SAVE this information. The second thing you should to is send a private e-mail message to the owner of the lists at with the words "My ABA Number" in the Subject line, and only your ABA Membership Number [ABA No. 3456789] in the text of the message,. This is so your membership status in the ABA and the Section can be verified should this list ever be changed back to a closed list for Section members only as it was when it first came into existence.

    For more information about this listserv and how to subscribe to it, send an e-mail text message reading "info aba-ptl" to

    In order to view a Web based archive of all the e-mails that have been posted to this list since April of 1997, point your browser at the ABA-PTL List Archive URL. You can sort through the messages that are in this archive by author, subject or date.

    The new URL for this archive is:

    In addition, a backup duplicate of this archive is currently being maintained and can be found at URL:

    If you ever have any general questions about the ABA-PTL List, you can always write to the list Moderators at the generic address:

    Note: This list does not accept attachments. Subscribers can send attachments to the RPPT Section and they will be posted on the ABA-PTL Document Download Page. See the Instructions If you want to post.


    This discussion group is an out growth of the popular Quarterly Report on Current Real Estate Developments. Dirt is free to participants and unrestricted. Each weekday, DIRT has a new Daily Development an excerpt from a recent or "in process" Quarterly Report. There may be new comments from the editor, and there will be the opportunity for the hundreds of real estate lawyers participating in DIRT to answer back with their own comments and criticisms. Visit the DIRT web site at

    DIRT is an "open line" for real estate lawyers to exchange ideas, questions, developments or complaints about anything of interest to those in the profession.

    DIRT Now comes in two versions—DIRT and Broker DIRT (for real estate brokers)

    • To subscribe to DIRT, just send the message "subscribe dirt (your name)" (without the quotes) to:
    • To subscribe to Broker DIRT, just send the message "subscribe brokerdirt (your name)" (without the quotes) to:

    Dirt Daily Developments

    The DIRT DD list is exclusively for members of the ABA's Real Property, Probate and Trust Section. This listserv will provide subscribers with the "Daily Developments" reports from DIRT—the Internet legal discussion group for real estate professionals. Each day, Professor Patrick A. Randolph of the university of Missouri-Kansas City sends subscribers of the DIRT list a commentary or update information concerning real estate law, a recent case or other real estate issues. The regular DIRT list then exchanges commentary on these postings or other matters. This list, the DIRT DD list, will carry ONLY the DIRT DD's and any amendments, corrections or follow ups from Professor Randolph. Thus, typically there will be only one message each weekday. There will be no opportunity to comment or review comments, although, of course, readers who wish can subscribe to DIRT if they want to see the discussion of a particular case, and then unsubscribe from DIRT later and maintain connection with DIRT DD. Such activity will not affect their DIRT DD Subscription.

    Subscribe to DIRT DD

    Dispute Resolution Committees

    The Committees dealing with Dispute resolution in both Real Property and Probate matters have formed this listserv. In order to join the list, you must be a member of one of the committees listed below. Visit any of the committees web sites, linked below, to join.
    Real Property: Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
    Probate and Trust: Estate and Trust Litigation and Controversy
    Probate and Trust: Tax Litigation and Controversy.


    The Title Insurance Committee listserv will facilitate the exchange of topical cases, practical tips, concerns and other legal information between members of the committee. Committee business information will also be disseminated on the list. The listserv will help lawyers interested in title insurance network with other lawyers with similar interests and practice areas. Participation on this listserv is restricted to Title Insurance Committee Members. Committee Web Page

    Subscribe to rppt-title-ins

    e-DIRT—A Publication of the ABA Section of Real Property, Probate and Trust Law

    e-DIRT is a new, quarterly, electronic publication of the ABA RPPT Section which will bring substantive information and news of Section and committee activities to all Section members via e-mail. This Newsletter replaces and expands the focus of the Real Estate Finance Newsletter or "Green Sheets" of the Section's Commercial Real Estate Finance Committees that was distributed by hard copy.

    The e-DIRT Newsletter is prepared by the Michael Goler, its Managing Editor, and Cheryl Kelly, Acquisitions Editor

    If you have technological questions about e-DIRT, contact Rob King, RPPT Section Technology Manager at: (312) 988-5540


    Deals, Dirt, Death, and Taxes is a discusion group of the Real Property, Probate, & Trust Law Section and covers estate planning for Businesses and Real Estate. Topics covered will include: entity selection, valuation, business continuity and succession, environmental problems and related income and wealth transfer tax issues. Web based archives are now available .

    Subscribe to 3dt


    Homeforum is the discussion group of the ABA Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law. The Forum was created to provide an interdisciplinary location for real estate, business, tax, land use and other lawyers to share their interests and concerns about affordable housing. Homeforum was started to facilitate communication among members. However, the list is open, and not restricted at this time to the Forum's members.

    The list is intended to discuss affordable housing issues of interest to all. Most pressing at this time is updates on the changes at HUD. However, practice tips and other legal questions are also welcome.

    Subscribe to Homeforum. To write to the list, send your messages to

    For further information, please e-mail, or the Forum's Internet and Technology Chair, Forrest Milder, at


    LNET-LLC is a discussion list on limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships and other unincorporated business entities. Its members range from lawyers to certified public accountants, and includes professors, law students and graduate students in accounting. Information concerning joining the listserv can be found at its home page.

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