Public Policy Update from the State Bar of Michigan
January 24–30, 2011
Volume 9 Issue 5

FOCUS: Judicial Crossroads Task Force Announces Recommendations
The Judicial Crossroads Task Force Report was made public January 26, and it points toward a Michigan court system that looks much different than what lawyers and the public are used to.

Additional Information:
Judicial Crossroads Task Force Issues Report and Recommendations
Judicial Crossroads Task Force Information and Media Kit
SBM Blog: Judicial Crossroads Task Force: Where Michigan's Court System Should Be Headed
Statement of Chief Justice Robert P. Young, Jr., Regarding State Bar of Michigan "Judicial Crossroads" Report

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In the Capitol
Committee Meetings of Interest for the Week of 1/31
2/1 House Appropriations: Judiciary
Agenda: Presentation by Ben Gielczyk, House Fiscal Agency

2/1 Senate Judiciary
Agenda: SB 0029 Amend Michigan penal code to allow sale, possession, and use of device that uses electro-muscular technology under certain circumstances; SB 0030 Amend firearms act to allow sale, possession, and use of device that uses electro-muscular disruption technology under certain circumstances; SB 0093 Revise sentencing guidelines for carrying concealed pistol in prohibited place to include reference to electro-muscular disruption devices; SB 0064 Require 7-day notice to quit for tenants who injure or threaten to injure other tenants or employees; SB 0065 Modify provision relating to the termination of lease for certain controlled substance offenders; Presentation by the Michigan State Police on the Sex Offender Registration Notification Act. And any other business to come properly before the committee

2/1 Joint House and Senate Appropriations: Corrections
Agenda: Organizational meeting; Department review of current status of FY 2011 budget and spending levels

2/2 House Appropriatons: General Government
Agenda: HFA Overviews and Department Presentations: Department of Attorney General; PACC; Department of Civil Rights

2/3 House Judiciary
Agenda: Presentations by the State Bar of Michigan: Judicial Crossroads Task Force Report; Keith Barber, Legislative Corrections ombudsman

Complete Committee Meeting List

New Public Acts

Legislation Introduced 1/25–1/27
Of Interest to the Legal Community

SB 60 Provides an income tax deduction for compensation received under the Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act. Amends sec. 30, 1967 PA 281 (MCL 206.30), as amended by 2009 PA 134.

SB 61 Provides compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

SB 64 Requires seven-day notice to quit for tenants who injure or threaten to injure other tenants or employees. Amends sec. 5714, 1961 PA 236 (MCL 600.5714), as amended by 2004 PA 105.

SB 65 Modifies provision relating to the termination of lease for certain controlled substance offenders. Amends sec. 34, 1846 RS 66 (MCL 554.134), as amended by 2004 PA 106.

SB 70 Provides for remedies for denials of claims. Adds sec. 2229, 1956 PA 218 (MCL 500.100 to 500.8302).

SB 92 Requires written acknowledgement of responsibilities by agent appointed under a power of attorney. Amends sec. 5501, 1998 PA 386 (MCL 700.5501).

Of General Interest
HB 4130 Allows consolidated city to create central city districts. Amends 1909 PA 279 (MCL 117.1 to 117.38) by adding section 5k.

SB 58 Eliminates list of specified premises on which a person licensed to carry a concealed weapon may not carry that weapon. Amends sec. 5c, 1927 PA 372 (MCL 28.425c), as amended by 2002 PA 719; Repeals acts and parts of acts.

In the Hall of Justice
Warning Noncitizen Defendants of Immigration Consequences of Criminal Pleas was Focus of Possible Court Rule Change during Michigan Supreme Court's January 26 Public Hearing

At the Bar
Request for Proposal for Audit Services

Persons with Disabilities and Access to the Michigan Legal System: A Status Report 2010

Federal News
Obama: 'Move Forward Together'
(Detroit News, 1/26/11)
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State News
Snyder's Promised State Financial Report Due Today
(Detroit News, 1/31/11)

Michigan Republicans in Control, but Agendas Vary Widely
(Lansing State Journal, 1/30/11)

Snyder's Tax Plan Hits Big Firms Hardest
(Detroit News, 1/29/11)

Snyder: Michigan's Tax Breaks in Need of Closer Look
(Lansing State Journal, 1/29/11)

Local Michigan Governments Need More Ways to Generate, Save Money, Group Says
(Lansing State Journal, 1/27/11)

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