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Practice Management Resource Center


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Keeping Good Lawyers: Best Practices to Create Career Satisfaction
by M. Diane Vogt and Lori-Ann Rickard

Lending Library Number: 27

This illuminating resource explains how to continually engage and motivate the lawyers you hire to work for their personal success and that of the firm. Management will discover how to train and retain good lawyers and keep them emotionally engaged with their work, their career development, and the success of the firm. Lawyers will learn how to find the balance between personal and professional goals, avoid boredom and burnout, and truly enjoy life.

The authors proceed from the firm belief that there is a strong correlation betweenlawyer retention and job satisfaction. They provide thought-provoking insightsand practical guidelines on how to ensure that the attorneys in your firm becomeand remain convinced that their association with your firm is the best one. Youwill learn:

  • Why associate retention is an economic necessity for your firm
  • What it means to your clients when lawyers leave
  • Nine common characteristics of the best lawyers
  • Best practices your firm can use to develop best lawyers
  • The meaning of loyalty in today's law practices
  • Why so many lawyers say they would rather be doing something else
  • The impact of the unflattering popular perceptions about lawyers on the profession
  • How to establish trust between management and lawyers
  • A five-step process to optimal career design
  • Importance of flexibility and life balance for retaining young lawyers
  • Seven ways to create an engaging environment
  • The four types of lawyers you need to make your firm productive and profitable
  • Which compensation systems are appropriate for the lawyers in your firm
  • How to recognize and eliminate lawyer dissatisfaction

Appendices include a sample associate development plan, guidelines for drafting an effective mission statement, processes for mapping your vision and a successful plan, a list of best practice strategies, and key points on how to be a happy lawyer.

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