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Opinions Interpreting MCJC

The Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct [MCJC] became effective October 1, 1974; the opinions listed address conduct occurring after that date. Amendments to the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct addressing bias in the courts became effective October 1, 1993. Amendments to the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct affecting Canons 2, 4, 5, and 7 became effective August 1, 2013. For rules and opinions addressing conduct occurring prior to October 1, 1974, see the former Michigan Canons of Judicial Ethics. This table lists those ethics opinions that cite the respective provision of the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct. Opinions issued that cite the portions of Canons 2, 4, 5, and 7 that were amended as of August 1, 2013, are identified with reference to the Canon language that was in effect prior to August 1, 2013. View here language added (which is underlined) and stricken (which is struck through) by the amendments effective August 1, 2013.

Notice to Lawyers:
State Bar of Michigan ethics opinions are advisory and non-binding in nature. This index is a complete historical catalog. Some of the listed ethics opinions, though not expressly superseded in subsequent ethics opinions, may be nonetheless outmoded or no longer sound due to subsequent changes in case law, statutes, or court rules. Practitioners are urged to thoroughly research all sources to determine the current validity of any given ethics opinion.

Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct Opinions Interpreting Ethics Provisions
Canon 1: A Judge Should Uphold the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary C-228, J-4, JI-22, JI-31, JI-34, JI-35, JI-38, JI-42, JI-44, JI-47, JI-50, JI-51, JI-52, JI-56, JI-57, JI-61, JI-62, JI-64, JI-65, JI-66, JI-73, JI-81, JI-86, JI-94, JI-99, JI-100, R-15, RI-119, RI-121, RI-131, RI-256,JI-109, JI-112, JI-117, JI-121, JI-126
Canon 2: A Judge Should Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety JI-7, JI-19, JI-24, JI-34, JI-38, JI-40, JI-50, JI-79, R-15, RI-131, JI-119, JI-121
  C-228, J-1, J-2, J-4, JI-6, JI-7, JI-9, JI-12, JI-15, JI-18, JI-19, JI-22, JI-24, JI-25, JI-28, JI-29, JI-31, JI-35, JI-38, JI-40, JI-41, JI-42, JI-47, JI-51, JI-61, JI-69, JI-75, JI-96, JI-100, R-3, RI-5, RI-11, RI-119, RI-121, JI-108, JI-109, JI-117, JI-118, JI-122, JI-123, JI-124, JI-126, JI-139
MCJC 2A JI-135, JI-137, JI-138, JI-139, JI-140, J-8
MCJC 2B JI-18, JI-22, JI-23, JI-26, JI-28, JI-51, JI-57, JI-61, JI-62, JI-67, JI-82, JI-86, JI-94, JI-96, JI-99, RI-256, JI-109, JI-112, JI-135, JI-138, J-8
MCJC 2C in effect prior to 8/1/2013 J-1, JI-15, JI-18, JI-21, JI-30, JI-31, JI-35, JI-41, JI-44, JI-45, JI-47, JI-48, JI-52, JI-55, JI-56, JI-57, JI-64, JI-65, JI-66, JI-68, JI-69, JI-73, JI-76, JI-81, JI-88, JI-89, JI-99, R-3, RI-5, RI-119, JI-104, JI-107, JI-108, JI-117, JI-126, JI-135, JI-138
MCJC 2C, effective 8/1/2013 JI-139
MCJC 2D in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-41
MCJC 2D, effective 8/1/2013  
MCJC 2E in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-75, JI-109
MCJC 2E, effective 8/1/2013  
Canon 3: A Judge Should Perform the Duties of Office Impartially and Diligently C-216, JI-34, JI-39, JI-48, R-15, JI-105
MCJC 3A J-4, JI-26, JI-27, JI-64, RI-121
MCJC 3A(1) JI-25, JI-82, JI-94, JI-99
MCJC 3A(2)  
MCJC 3A(3)  
MCJC 3A(4) J-4, JI-8, JI-50, JI-83, JI-84, JI-85, RI-166, RI-195, RI-243, RI-256
MCJC 3A(5)  
MCJC 3A(6) J-4, JI-27, JI-52, JI-82, JI-99, JI-109, JI-137
MCJC 3A(7)  
MCJC 3A(8) RI-256
MCJC 3A(9) C-237, JI-55, JI-107
MCJC 3A(10) JI-26, JI-31, JI-138
MCJC 3B(1) JI-26
MCJC 3B(2) JI-138
MCJC 3B(3) JI-85
MCJC 3C J-4, J-5, JI-23, JI-29, JI-31, JI-34, JI-39, JI-42, JI-44, JI-51, JI-61, JI-62, JI-66, JI-86, JI-96, JI-100, JI-102, RI-119, J-6, JI-112, JI-118, JI-119, JI-126, JI-138
MCJC 3D J-4, JI-8, JI-43, JI-106, J-6
Canon 4: A Judge May Engage in Activities to Improve the Law, the Legal System, and the Administration of Justice in effect prior to 8/1/2013 C-217, JI-46, JI-52, JI-65, JI-107, JI-135, JI-137
Canon 4: A Judge May Engage in Extrajudicial Activities, effective 8/1/2013 JI-139
MCJC 4A in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-21, JI-24, JI-68, JI-75, JI-76, JI-99, JI-108, JI-109, JI-116, JI-121, JI-135
MCJC 4A, effective 8/1/2013 JI-140
MCJC 4B in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-67, JI-76, JI-108, JI-109, JI-116, JI-121
MCJC 4B, effective 8/1/2013 J-8
MCJC 4C in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-12, JI-67, JI-76, JI-109, JI-116, JI-136
MCJC 4C, effective 8/1/2013 JI-139, JI-140, J-8
MCJC 4D JI-139, JI-140, J-8
Canon 5: A Judge Should Regulate Extra-Judicial Activities to Minimize the Risk of Conflict with Judicial Duties in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-110
Canon 5: Applicability of the Code of Judicial Conduct to Judicial Candidates, effective 8/1/2013  
MCJC 5A in effect prior to 8/1/2013 J-1, JI-54, JI-58, JI-68, JI-70, JI-71, JI-72, JI-76, JI-80, JI-87, JI-121, JI-137
MCJC 5B in effect prior to 8/1/2013 J-1, J-2, J-3, JI-3, JI-9, JI-12, JI-17, JI-18, JI-19, JI-22, JI-33, JI-38, JI-42, JI-49, JI-51, JI-52, JI-55, JI-64, JI-65, JI-66, JI-70, JI-71, JI-72, JI-73, JI-94, JI-103, JI-116, JI-121, JI-137
MCJC 5B(1) in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-38, JI-103
MCJC 5B(2) in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-3, JI-33, JI-48, JI-54, JI-87, JI-103, JI-107, JI-115, JI-125
MCJC 5C in effect prior to 8/1/2013 J-1, J-4, JI-6, JI-7, JI-9, JI-13, JI-21, JI-25, JI-40, JI-75, JI-76, JI-86, JI-88, JI-97, JI-126
MCJC 5C(1) in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-40, JI-56, JI-99, JI-119, JI-136, JI-137
MCJC 5C(2) in effect prior to 8/1/2013 J-3, JI-70, JI-72, JI-89, JI-99, JI-137
MCJC 5C(3) in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-6, JI-119
MCJC 5C(4) in effect prior to 8/1/2013 J-1, JI-7, JI-9, JI-25, JI-75, JI-80, JI-106
MCJC 5C(7) in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-77, JI-104, JI-107
MCJC 5D in effect prior to 8/1/2013 J-3, JI-88
MCJC 5E in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-28, JI-69, JI-97, JI-98
MCJC 5F in effect prior to 8/1/2013 J-2, J-3, JI-28, JI-42, JI-45, JI-77, JI-89, JI-97, JI-118, JI-126, JI-135
MCJC 5G in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-52, JI-65, JI-67, JI-94
Canon 6: A Judge Should Regularly File Reports of Compensation Received for Quasi-Judicial and Extra-Judicial Activities and of Monetary Contributions JI-21, JI-37, JI-49, JI-63, JI-77, JI-110
MCJC 6A JI-21, JI-37, JI-76
MCJC 6C JI-37, JI-75, JI-80
Canon 7: A Judge or a Candidate for Judicial Office Should Refrain from Political Activity Inappropriate to Judicial Office JI-79
MCJC 7A C-219, JI-30, JI-36, JI-47, JI-65, JI-73, JI-116
MCJC 7A(1)(a) JI-10, JI-22, JI-30, JI-36, JI-53, JI-115, JI-121
MCJC 7A(1)(b) JI-11, JI-81, JI-93, JI-95, JI-105, JI-115, JI-121
MCJC 7A(2) JI-14 JI-19, JI-30, JI-36, JI-93
MCJC 7A(2)(c) JI-105
MCJC 7A(3) JI-10, JI-19, JI-59
MCJC 7B C-227, JI-7, JI-73, JI-74, JI-81, JI-90
MCJC 7B(1) C-222, JI-2, JI-4, JI-14, JI-16, JI-17, JI-27, JI-82
MCJC 7B(1)(a) JI-2, JI-14
MCJC 7B(1)(c) C-238, JI-4, JI-58
MCJC 7B(1)(d) JI-74, JI-120
MCJC 7B(2) JI-1, JI-2, JI-5, JI-7, JI-14 JI-16, JI-17
MCJC 7B(2)(a) JI-104, JI-115
MCJC 7B(2)(b) JI-2, JI-14 JI-78
MCJC 7B(2)(c) JI-1, JI-2, JI-5, JI-14 JI-60, JI-63, JI-78
MCJC 7B(2)(e) JI-60, JI-63
MCJC 7B(3) JI-14
MCJC 7C in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-60, JI-63
MCJC 7C, effective 8/1/2013  
MCJC 7C(1) in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-115
MCJC 7C(1), effective 8/1/2013  
MCJC 7C(2) in effect prior to 8/1/2013 JI-136
MCJC 7C(2), effective 8/1/2013  
MCJC 8 JI-136


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