Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession

January 2012, Volume 91, No. 1

Diversity: A Little More Conversation, A Little More Action
by Julie I. Fershtman

Start a Drive to Boost Your Vocabulary
by Bryan A. Garner

The Changing Face of the Legal Profession: Diversity Resources
by Laura Mancini

10 Ways to Build Your Law Firm Profits with Video
by Chris Ballard

Thank You to Our Readers
by Martha D. Burkett

Section Briefs


by W. Anthony Jenkins

Progress Report on the SBM Pledge to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion
by Hon. Victoria A. Roberts and John R. Nussbaumer

More Fair to Whom? Winners and Losers Post Proposal 2
by Teresa A. Bingman and Daniel M. Levy

The Invisible LGBT Family
by Jay D. Kaplan

Pipeline Programs: Increasing Diversity and Creating Responsible Citizens and Leaders
by E. Christopher Johnson Jr.

Toward Inclusion of Diverse Lawyers in Providing Corporate Legal Services
by Marcia B. Goffney

Educating for Everyday Democracy
by Hon. Mabel Johnson Mayfield and Hon. Alfred M. Butzbaugh


Michigan's New DWI/Sobriety Court Law
by Patrick T. Barone


Up Front

Opinion and Dissent

Nominations Open for 2012 Major State Bar Awards

A 30-Year Review of the Economic Status of Michigan Attorneys
by Lawrence Stiffman

Congratulations 2012 50-Year Honorees

Michigan Lawyers in History: William W. Potter
by Carrie Sharlow

State Bar of Michigan Audited Financial Statements



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