October 12- October 18, 2003
Volume 1 Issue 7

In the Capitol

Committee Meetings of interest for the week of 10/20.

10/21/03 House Judiciary
Agenda Items: HB 4308 Provides for waiver on no proof of insurance violations; HB 4131 Repeals dowry rights.

10/21/03 Senate Judiciary
Agenda Items: Testimony on Identity Theft

10/22 House Criminal Justice
Agenda Items: HB 5120 Revises to reflect crime of operating a vehicle with bodily content of certain controlled substances; HB 5130 Prohibits operation of an off-road vehicle by certain individuals under the influence of or visibly impaired by alcohol or a controlled substance; HB 5131 Prohibits operation of a watercraft by individuals with a high blood alcohol level or with certain controlled substances; HB 5132 Prohibits operation of a snowmobile by certain individuals under the influence of alcohol; HB 5074 Allows local corrections officers to carry stun guns and similar devices; HB 4899 Revises fees and mileage allowed for service of process.

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In the Hall of Justice

First Oral Arguments of 2003-2004 Term Heard October 14-16.
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Public Comment Sought on Adoption Work Group Proposals
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Michigan Supreme Court Adoption Work Group Final Report
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Justice Marilyn Kelly Recipient of State Bar of Michigan's President's Choice Award
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Federal News
High Court to Consider Pledge in Schools, Scalia Recuses Himself from California Case
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State News
State Budget Paring Begins
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Governor Warns of $900 Million in Cuts
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(Lansing State Journal, 10/15/03)

    Court Rules and Administrative Orders

    Rule Amendments:

    2003-44 - Amendment of Rules 7.302, 9.118 and 9.122 of the Michigan Court Rules
    Issued: October 14, 2003
    Effective: October 14, 2003
    Adjusts time limits for filing appeals from Attorney Discipline Board orders of discipline or dismissal, time set at 28 days.

    1998-50 & 2001-19 - Amendment of Rule 3.973 of the Michigan Court Rules
    Issued: October 15, 2003
    Effective: October 15, 2003
    Corrects the misdesignation of the subrule referred to in the text of the rule.

    Legislation Introduced 10/14 - 10/16

    HB 5169 Children; parenting time; sibling visitation; allow to petition the court for minor sibling visitation rights.

    HB 5170 Crimes; fleeing and eluding; fleeing or eluding a police officer; establish a mandatory minimum 2-year sentence.
    TIE BAR WITH HB 5171
    HB 5171 Criminal procedure; sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines to reflect mandatory minimum sentence for fleeing and eluding crimes; amend.

    HB 5176 Criminal procedure; sentencing guidelines; crime of adulterating, misbranding, or substituting drugs; provide for.

    SB 779 Torts; liability; liability of persons under equine activity liability act; limit to willful and wanton acts under certain circumstances.


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