September 21 - September 27, 2003
Volume 1 Issue 4

In the Capitol

Committee Meetings of interest for the week of 9/28.

9/30/03 Senate Judiciary
Agenda Items: SB 158 Revises statutory attorney fees in landlord-tenant eviction and land contract forfeiture actions; SB 221 Allows an individual who has, or is exempt from having, a concealed weapon permit to carry a pistol in area frequented by game; SB 511 Provides penalties for failure to properly dispose of a body within a reasonable time period; SB 508 Enacts sentencing guidelines for crime of failing to dispose of human body as provided by written agreement; HB 4360 Would require businesses to display sexually explicit matter only in restricted areas; SR 127 Memorializes the United States Senate and Michigan's United States Senators to act to begin the confirmation hearings on the Michigan nominees to the United States 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

10/01//03 House Criminal Justice
Agenda Items: HB 4916 Amends prohibited conduct with regard to telecommunications access; SB 258 Provides technical amendment on juror intimidation; HB 4468 Expands definition of first degree child abuse to include knowingly or intentionally committing an act that causes serious physical or mental harm; HB 4469 Amends guidelines statue for crime of child abuse.

10/3 Senate Judiciary: Hearing in Kalamazoo
Agenda Item: Hearing on tax reporting fraud.

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In the Hall of Justice

Recommendations to Add, Eliminate Judgeships for Some Courts Released by State Court Administrative Office
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At the Bar
The Supreme Court issued order 2003-01 Appointments of the Committee to Review the Client Security Fund. The State Bar administers the Client Security Fund.
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Sections and Committees
The Family Law Section supports several changes in HB 5039, a bill to expand and clarify the right to bring action to grandparenting time.
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    Federal News
    Ashcroft Limits Prosecutor Discretion (, 9/23/03) View Full Text

    State News
    Governor Granholm appoints former State Bar President Reginald M. Turner to the State Board of Education 
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    Kalamazoo Courts to Plan for Streamlined Operations; Improved Public Service is Goal
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    Legislation Introduced 9/21 - 9/27

    Legislation on Grandparent Visitation Introduced
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    SB 727 Children; parenting time; grandparent visitation; revise to place burden of proof on the petitioning grandparent and require the court to give deference to a fit parent's actions and decisions.

    SB 734 Children; parenting time; grandparent visitation; revise to require petitioning grandparent show burden of proof and define "fit" parent.

    HB 5072 Civil procedure; civil actions; right of college or university to sue for economic damages that result from a student's illegal or wrongful actions; establish.


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