August 16, 2004 - August 22, 2004
Volume 2 Issue 33

In the Capitol
The Michigan House of Representatives and Senate announced on August 20th that they would remain recessed until September 8th.

Complete Committee Meeting List
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Capitol Agenda
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(Detroit News, 08/21/04)

At The Bar

Sections and Committees
The Criminal Jurisprudence and Practice Committee submitted the following public policy reports: Oppose with Comment and Recommend State Bar Action: ADM File No. 2000-32 - Proposed Administrative Order Regarding Minimum Standards for Indigent Criminal Appellate Defense Services

Oppose and Recommend State Bar Action: HB 6007 Criminal procedure; pleas; motion to withdraw plea of guilty or nolo contendere; require to be made within 1 year after plea is entered and require certain notices to be made.

Oppose with Exceptions and Recommend State Bar Action: SB 1295 Courts; juries; system for requiring jury service and excusing prospective jurors; revise.

For a copy of these reports, please email

Federal News
Electing A President: Preparing To Vote
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(Detroit Free Press, 8/16/04)

F.B.I. Goes Knocking For Political Troublemakers
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(New York Times, 8/16/04)
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Inquiry Into F.B.I. Questioning Is Sought
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(New York Times, 8/18/04)

Ruling OK's Mandatory DNA Tests For Parolees
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(The Boston Globe, 8/19/04)
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Court Reverses Forced DNA Decision
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(, 8/19/04)

Dirty Campaign Tricks Now Serious Crimes
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(Traverse City Record-Eagle, 8/19/04)

FEC Hit For Not Curbing 'Soft' Cash
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(Washington Times, 8/19/04)
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Panel Compromises On Soft Money Rules
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(New York Times, 8/20/04)

U.S. Uses Secret Evidence In Secrecy Fight With ACLU
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(Washington Post, 8/20/04)

State News
Federal Money Helps Michigan's Election Reform Efforts
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(Detroit News, 8/21/04

Dems Allege Nader Petition Fraud
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(Lansing State Journal, 8/21/04

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