May 23, 2004 - May 29, 2004
Volume 2 Issue 22

In the Capitol
Committee meetings of interest for the week of 5/30.
6/1/04 House Judiciary
Agenda:  HB 5338 Revise procedure for affidavit of merit for medical malpractice; HB 5905 Allow retroactive effect of amended affidavit of meritorious defense in medical malpractice action only with showing of good cause; HB 5311 Prohibit introduction of evidence of an expression of sympathy as an admission of liability in a civil action; HB 5949 Revise to child parenting reference to child custody in the child custody act of 1970.
Negligence Law Section Position: Support HB 5338 and HB 5905

6/1/04 Senate Judiciary
Agenda: HB 5494 Create law enforcement memorial monument; SB 1244 Allow appointment of a personal representative for disposition of a body when decedent has no assets or no known family members; SB 1261 Eliminate state court administrative office from development of report prepared by automobile theft prevention authority; SB 1262 Revise to "the appropriate court" reference to "state court administrative office" (mental health code); SB 1263 Eliminate requirement to establish paper quality and durability standards for arrest warrants.
Pending Referral: HB 5928 Provide for referral to drug treatment court for certain persons eligible for deferred sentence and dismissal of charge; HB 5932 Allow for reporting of certain dispositions of drug treatment court that do not result in convictions; HB 5647 Include participation in drug treatment court in conditions of probation; HB 5674 Include references to drug treatment courts in sentencing procedures; HB 5716 Allow commitment of juvenile to drug treatment court.
SBM Position: Support in principle HB 5928, HB 5932, HB 5647, HB 5674 and HB 5716.  The State Bar of Michigan supports the institutionalization and availability of drug treatment courts.

6/2/04 House Criminal Justice
Agenda: Update from the Michigan Department of Corrections; HB 5842 Eliminate requirement for prosecution to show proof that a driver of a fleeing vehicle has knowledge of injuries; HB 5846 Extend to 14 days notification period to surety for defendants failure to appear.

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Capitol Agenda
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(Detroit News, 5/29/04)

Legislation Introduced 5/25– 5/27
HB 5949 Children; custody; reference to "child custody" in the child custody act of 1970; revise to "child parenting".

SB 1261 Insurance; no-fault; report prepared by automobile theft prevention authority; eliminate state court administrative office from development of report.

SB 1263 Criminal procedure; warrants; requirement to establish paper quality and durability standards for arrest warrants; eliminate.

In the Hall of Justice
The Michigan Supreme Court held a Public Administrative Hearing on May 27, 2004.
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Child Support Information for Military Offered by Court Agency Web Page

Child Support Leadership Council Members Named by Michigan Supreme Court

At the Bar
State Bar Seeking to Fill Committee Vacancies

50-Year Golden Celebration

ABA Successful in Privacy Statute Lawsuit Against FTC

Sections and Committees
The Senior Lawyers Section submitted the following public policy report:
ADM File No. 2004-16 Proposed Amendment of Rules 3 & 4 of the Rules Concerning the State Bar of Michigan
POSITION: Support the proposed rule change creating an emeritus status for State Bar membership, and request adoption by the Michigan Supreme Court of the proposal.

Federal News
Supreme Court Orders Up Wine Case in Dispute Involving Internet, Phone Sales
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(Traverse City Record Eagle, 5/24/04)

Court Rules in Ala. Inmate's Favor
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(Washington Post, 5/24/04)

Police Can Search Parked Cars
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(, 5/25/04)

Judicial Discipline to Be Examined
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(Washington Post, 5/25/04)

Ruling Upholds Oregon Law Authorizing Assisted Suicide
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(New York Times, 5/27/04)

Decades Waiting and Not a Day to Spare for Veterans at World War II Memorial
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(New York Times, 5/29/04)

State News
Cigarette Tax Boost is Now Up to Senate
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(Detroit Free Press, 5/27/04)

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