April 11, 2004 - April 17, 2004
Volume 2 Issue 16

In the Capitol
Committee meetings of interest for the week of 4/18.

4/20/04 House Judiciary
Agenda: HB 5716 Allow commitment of juvenile to drug treatment court; HB 5647 Include participation in drug treatment court in conditions of probation; HB 5674 Include references to drug treatment courts in sentencing procedures; SB 998 Establish drug treatment courts; SB 999 Restrict for drug treatment court participants eligibility for probation and dismissal of charges; SB 1000 Coordinate eligibility for youthful trainee program with drug treatment courts.

4/20/04 Senate Judiciary
Agenda: HB 5026 Revise prohibition against making false crime reports to certain individuals; HB 5182 Revise procedure for eviction of tenants of property where controlled substances are manufactured, possessed, or delivered; HB 5197 Revise procedure for eviction of tenants of property where controlled substances are manufactured, possessed, or delivered; HB 5648 Revise procedure for payment of minimum state cost by juveniles; HB 5427 Clarify  licensing and inspection requirements for certain antique firearms; HB 5428 Clarify inspection requirements for certain antique firearms; HB 5429 Clarify licensing requirements for certain antique firearms; SB 1009 Clarify definition of "false pretense".

4/21/04 House Criminal Justice
Agenda: Presentation to the Committee by Pro Tech Monitoring, Inc. on real time tracking of offenders, non-compliance notification, pagers that provide early warning to victims if an offender enters an exclusion zone, and on mapping capabilities through the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) devices.

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Capitol Agenda
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(Detroit News, 4/17/04)

In the Hall of Justice
Proposed Amendments
2002-34 - Proposed Administrative Order Concerning Delay Reduction in the Court of Appeals
Issued: April 14, 2004
Comment period expires: August 1, 2004
Public Hearing: To be Scheduled
The Court is considering a proposed administrative order in response to the directive in Administrative Order No. 2003-6 that the Michigan Court of Appeals submit a plan for the expedited processing of civil appeals from orders on motions for summary disposition.

At the Bar
State Bar Annual Meeting Slated for Sept. 30 - Oct. 1

Clay and Gillum are 2004 Straker Bar Trailblazers

Proposed Rules for '527' Groups Lead to Some Unusual Alliances
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(Washington Post, 4/14/04)

Scalia: 'I ... learned my lesson' over Tape Erasing Incident
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(CNN.com, 4/13/04)

Lawyers: Money Matters in Death Penalty Defense
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(CNN.com, 4/13/04)

State News
New Program Sets Drivers Straight
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(Detroit Free Press, 4/10/04)

Feds Strain State Coffers
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(Detroit News, 4/12/04)

Granholm Eliminates 25 Boards, Commissions
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(Detroit News, 4/16/04)

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