December 28, 2003- January 3, 2004
Volume 2 Issue 1

In the Capitol
Both the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate are adjourned until Wednesday, January 14, 2004.

Highlights of the past week’s action at the Capitol
View Full Text (Detroit News, 12/27/03)

Federal News
Judge: New Hampshire Abortion Law Unconstitutional
View Full Text (Holland Sentinel, 12/30/03)

State News
Granholm Signs Several Budget-Balancing Bills
View Full Text (Lansing State Journal, 12/24/03)

Granholm Likely to Sign Election Consolidation Bills
View Full Text (Oakland Press, 12/29/03

Court Rules and Administrative Orders
Rule Amendments:

2002-13 – Amendment of Rule 3.210 of the Michigan Court Rules
Issued: December 30, 2003
Effective: May 1, 2004
Subrule (C)(5) was adopted to clarify that interviews taken in camera in child custody cases were to focus only on a child’s custodial preference and that information received may only be applied to that factor.

2003-57 – Amendment of Rule 3.217 of the Michigan Court Rules
Issued: December 23, 2003
Effective: December 23, 2003
The amendment eliminates jury trials in paternity actions. It conformed the rule to MCL 722.715(1).

Other Actions:
2003-22 – Michigan Child Support Formula Manual
Issued: December 23, 2003
Effective: October 1, 2004
On order of the Court, the State Court Administrative Office shall publish the revised Michigan Child Support Formula Manual as soon as is practicable, to take effect October 1, 2004

See Also:
Letter from Chief Justice Corrigan to the Governor and Legislative Leadership

    Legislation Introduced

    HB 5392 Torts; liability; liability suits brought against drug manufacturers for drugs that have been approved by federal food and drug administration; allow.

    HB 5393 Criminal procedure; expunction; conditional expunction of criminal record; provide for under certain circumstances.

    HB 5394 Labor; fair employment practices; certain statements made by law enforcement officers to law enforcement agencies; regulate use and disclosure of.

    HB 5399 Courts; other; state drug treatment court advisory board; create.
    HB 5400 Courts; other; drug treatment courts; mandate data collection practices.
    HB 5401 Courts; other; drug treatment courts; provide for.

    HB 5403 Civil procedure; civil actions; limitation on recovery amount allowed in small claims suits; revise.


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